How It Works

How the Clean Green Green Effluent System Works

This environmentally friendly system has stood the test of time. The effluent can be automatically distributed with a patented low rate low depth application system that utilises K-line mini and maxi pods.

The unique patented weeping wall removes the solids allowing liquid of reduced NPK to be applied safely all year around with no environmental effect. Increasing application days reduces storage requirements, and eliminates the need for large storage facilities.

Applying aerobic effluent at little and often low rates allows the pasture to instantly uptake nutrients, thus improving grass growth.

1. Effluent

The effluent flows from the cow shed and external yarding to the weeping wall, where the liquids and solids are separated.

2. Weeping Wall

The weeping wall has two chambers to retain the effluent solids. A centre chamber is utilised as a liquid pump chamber. The liquid from the pump chamber is pumped to a green wash storage tank. All the effluent in the weeping wall is contained in a concrete lined bunker. Solids retained in the bunker are easily removed with a digger.

3. Storage Tank

One tank is dedicated for containing green wash for external yarding. The secondary tanks are used to contain green water while awaiting distribution to land.

4. Backing Gate

Recycled liquid is used to wash clean the external yarding via the automated backing gate system. Wash water and effluent then returns to the weeping wall for re-filtration.

5. Flood Wash

Rectangular yards can be washed clean with recycled water for a quick efficient wash system. Flood was is an ideal system for feed pads or wintering barns.

6. K-Line Pods

The effluent is pumped from the effluent storage tanks and is distributed through a unique patented LOW RATE LOW DEPTH application system.

We use both K-Line mini pods and the larger maxi pods to allow low volumes of effluent to be distributed to large areas.

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Installation Timeframe

Week 1
Verbal Acceptance
Contract issued with payment schedule
Invoice for deposit
Order materials

Week 2
Manufacture fittings
Manufacture pump shed

Week 3
Fit electrical control system in pump shed
Load pump shed with fittings and manufactured materials

Week 4
Freight pump shed and specialised timber to site
Have pipe, tanks and timber delivered to site

Week 5
Arrive on site and layout effluent area
Start excavation of soils
Lay main line pipe work
Install tanks and pumps
Plumb system
Pour concrete weeping wall bund
Fit timber wall
Commission system
Depart site

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